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[Avatar: The function squared(x) + 50 plotted on the complex plane from -10-10i to 10+10i, white is the real part and blue is the imaginary part] Maple made math and physics significantly more enjoyable for me. Mostly by letting me keep everything organized and clean, and by doing much of the.... boring stuff, for me. I like making pretty graphs and visualizing math.

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The results should be the same, right?

50/3.(Vector(2, {(1) = .72, (2) = 0.6e-1})) = Vector[column](%id = 18446745399574633758)NULL



50/3*.72 = 12.00000000

50/3*0.6e-1 = 1.000000000NULL



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I open a completely new document, type in a few simple expressions and get this weird complex number out. Can someone pleas help me fix this?

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