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These are questions asked by Don_Caraota

I'm simplifying this Reynolds Equation starting from here:



Then I apply the dchange command:



The problem is that it expands the new derivatives and I need the equation in its compact form.

How do I tel Maple only to make the substitution but not to expand the result?

I know that it expands by default, can I modify that?



I need to integrate the Student-T function which is a function of two variables (nu and t). Maple allows me to use this function through this command:



The integration of this function gives me the probability (p) of certain event (nu is already known):


If I provide the value of X I can compute the integral easily, now the problem appears when I want to...

This is a simple question,


How do I tell maple to give only one fraction instead of a sum of several with different denominators.



if i sum 1/3 + x/5 maple simply gives me: 1/3 + x/5


I want maple to give me (5+3x)/15



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