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Scott, I forget where I saw this. Heck, it might have even been in Derive when I was still using it. To show what I'm looking for let's look at a very simple example that needs no step-by-step explanation but serves as an illustration. Let's say we have x^2+3=28. I select "solve for x" in a context menu and out pops x=5. But if the program could show steps it would go like this x^2+3=28 x^2=28-3 x^2=25 x=5. Adjacent to each step would appear the name of the algebraic rule applied. Isn't there a "Show Steps" command or setting which will give us this? Thanks!!! Ed
Yeah, that is simpler. Thanks a lot!
Thanks guys. But that looks way more complicated than what I remember seeing. It was some sort of context menu or something on the palletes. Know what I'm talking about?
Doug, Beautiful. Works as advertised. Umm......wanna take a shot at explaining what JacquesC's post is about? Many thanks! Ed
Yes, latex(Diff(x^2,x)) does give me what I want. But this requires that I write out commands in Maple. While this is much easier than writing out LaTeX code it's not very appealing after using Maple's bea-U-tiful palettes and 2D input. Isn't there something like the Conversion>LaTeX option in the context specific menus that would do the same thing only to the input instead of the output. (Sorry, Doug, I didn't even try your suggestion as it seemed even MORE inconvenient. Thanks, though.) Thanks, Ed
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