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Here it is:





I'd like to input it as 2-D and solve for x as a function of t.


Can someone please tell me where I can find information on "Test Relation" that pops up when I right click one of my equations?  Type ?test relation or into Help and nothing comes up.


Download Test_Relation.mw










Pretty basic stuff here...

How can I get Maple to do this - go from Step (1) directly to Step (5 or beyond).  I'm guessing that all I have to do is figure out how to enter the derivative dy/dx into the document and then Solve for whatever variable I like.

Thanks in advance!




I put Celsius in my equation and I get the wrong answer even though I've loaded the Units Package:

Download 25-25not_work.mw

I have to put in the conversion to Kelvin by myself to get the right answer:


Download 25-25_works.mw 

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks ahead of time!


So, I do the following calculation and all is well


I close Maple, it asks me to save and I do.  Then I open the worksheet again and push the "!!!" button and I get


The calculation is done without the benefit of the units package.

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