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What's the deal here? When I load Tools>Load Package>Units I get those brackets on the left side of the document along with a red >. I never got them before and now they show up on every new document. Not a big deal, I suppose, but when I hit the !!! the brackets and red >s start to proliferate. A couple more clicks of !!! and my worksheet is covered in them. I can't help but suspect, also, that this is related to the error message I get at the end of this worksheet.

I've got

Maple Equation

And I want to solve for v to get it into this form...in ONE step

Hello fellow digitheads, I'm running the spanking new Maple 12 and I would like to graph the rather harmless expression for wave motion a sin(x - v*t) When I type it in and bring up the Plot Builder assistant it gives me the option (among many) of making one variable the animation variable and the other two "slidable". When I hit "Plot" an "Interactive Parameter Maplet" pops up where I can slide the value of those parameters while it cycles through the animation.
So I put in my first line and hit return. Maple spits out the second in which my 47.3 lbs/ft^3 gets turned into SI units while the other two quantities are left in FPS. Can someone tell me why?

Maple Equation

Maple Equation

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