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On subscripts. I like to use them as part of variable names but Maple does this to me.

Lets say I have

Maple Equation

My question is about how Maple handles differentials.

In its derivation of an equation for pressure as a function of depth my physics text comes up with this:

Maple Equation

from which it gets

Maple Equation

How can I write with 2D math in text mode? That is, I want to create a document with mathematical expressions but I don't want Maple to do any mathematical operations on them. Imagine that you're trying to write a page in a textbook with expressions put in normal notation and interspersed with comments - that's what I'm trying to do. I've tried Text>Maple Input, Text>2D Input, Text>2D Math, Text>Normal, etc, etc but they all just put out 1D. And if I try to use "Math" instead it invariably does some sort of simplification or normalization or some such when I don't want it to touch the expressions I enter at all.
So, why are we given two ways of defining a function, one using " := " and the other using " -> "? The latter seems pretty clunky. What use is it?
There is an icon in the Expressions pallete for "eval". Why isn't there one for "algsubs" which seems to be far more useful than the "eval" command. Or maybe I've missed something.....
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