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I follow the instructions in the User Manual section 5.2: Dragging to a Plot Region To use the drag-and-drop method, use the plot region created by one of the other methods or insert an empty plot region into the document. Empty plot regions can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Advantages of the drag-and-drop method include the ease of adding and removing plots and the independence from plotting command syntax. 1. From the Insert menu, select Plot, and then 2D. 2. Enter the expression sin(x) in an input region. 3. Select the full expression in the input region and drag it into the plot region.
I'm looking for some examples of how Maple is being used by others to solve good, old-fashioned freshman physics homework problems. I have been getting the job done but my command of the program is so limited that I wind up using it like just an old graphing calculator. I'd really like to see how other, more advanced users are using it. Any suggestions?
How do I get Maple to show the old-fashioned, step-by-step solution of a a problem. I have tried to find this in "Help" but Maple's help is so disorganized as to be rather UNhelpful.
I saw a function in Maple that would take a fraction like 77/45 and come up with a simpler version that was close to that value. In this case 9/5. Now I can't remember what that function was called and where to find it. Anybody seen this? Thanks!!
How do I change the font permanently so that every time I open a new worksheet I get, say, Arial instead of Times New Roman? Thanks!
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