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I have used the command "op" in a code that I have written with Maple 17. When I restart the maple server and run the whole code again, the result of the "op" command changes! why is this happening?

Can anyone help to compute the following integral in terms of the bessel functions in maple.

I want to do a step by step computation for obtaining the coefficents of the sine fourier series expansion of f(x)=x over the interval [-L,L]. The steps are as follows:

1-write the fourier expansion as: Sum(A[n]*sin(n*pi*x/L),n=1..N)
2-multiply the series by: sin(m*pi*x/L)
3-integrate the series over the interval [-L,L]
3-using the orthogonality properties of the set {sin(n*pi*x/L} compute the A[n].

I can't do these steps since I have problem with the series manipulations in maple!
Can any one suggest a way from begining to the end?

Thanks. :)
Below shows what I did in Maple 17.

Help Please! :)
As it is seen in the picture, I can not integrate the power series. In contrast, the differentiation works!
what is wrong?

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