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@Carl Love 

Thanks for the answer. In fact, I want some arrows on the curve showing its orientation. :) Why there is no revolution in maple plotting! :D Has it changed in MAPLE 2015?

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

I suspected the maple's solution too! It is evident that  the x=0 is a regular singular point of the ODE. So this is not an unsolvable problem since it can be solved by Frobenius method which is a generalization of the power series method. Can Maple do this? It seems not! :)

@Thomas Richard Would you please take a look at my reply to kitonum. I have problems obtaining a series solution for an ODE.

@Carl Love Thanks for your endless support in here. What maple really computes when a^(1/3) for a<0? It gives a complex number! But which cube root is that? And why it is designed to work in this way?

@ecterrab As far as I know, the "curl" operator can be used for a second order tensor. This has lots of applications in "continuum mechanics". For example the computations in the cartesian coordinates using index notation is mentioned in the following link:


or see the image below:


@Rouben Rostamian  As you said, it is already for a publication. I have not used this format before. I am unable to open the the file exported as ".eps" format. Can you give me some hints about opening the file and also including it in a word document.

@Kitonum What is the difference between "add" and "sum" command? :)

@Alejandro Jakubi It seems that this is a VERY VERY VERY OLD OLD OLD issue which is not solved properly yet! :D
Thanks for the guides, they were a little helpful! :)

@Axel Vogt The answer to this question is that in many cases the equation is too long that you don't want to waste time for rewritting it! :)

@Alejandro Jakubi The equation is not editable in "RTF" format. It is just a picture there! :)

@Alejandro Jakubi Can you do it with the example file above? I have problems doing this! :/
I think that maple has some problems for generating the LATEX code! :/
The ouput looks like a disaster! :D
How can I do the same thing for a word document? :)

@tomleslie I have not seen the LATEX help page you said! Can you provide a link please.
Again, I put the example file below (Just left click on it to download it):


@Kitonum It is one of the most complete packages, I have ever seen. Thanks to you and the creator of the package. :)

@Sekamane For the case you mentioned, take a look at the above answer by Kitonum for computation in cartesian coordinate system!

Also, you can solve the problem in spherical coordinate as mentioned by Carl. This has the advantage that your limits of integration are much more simpler!

Also, you can see my answer for integration in cylinderical coordinates, below. :)

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