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Hi, I want to know how to change the rectangular form to polar form, and how to manipulate the operation of them, for example the picture below. The angle of polar form contain radian and degree, how to represent them in Maple?Thank you.

Hi,@Carl Love sorry for my crosspost, I miss click. I try to reply under your response, but it does not show my reply under your response.

Thank you very much, you solve my problem, the method you provided is useful.

But now another formula need to be fit, previously, I use Excel to do the best_answer_optimization, I want to know if Maple could do it. The formula is as follow ...

Hi,@Carl Love ,thanks for your help, it's useful. Here, I slightly modify your expression to reach my need. Model:= i0*(exp(1000*(v-i*rs)/n0/(259/100))-1)-i;→ change 100 to 10,

Curve:= plot(eval(NewModel, FIT[2]), v= 0..1): → change v= 0.01..1, because v=0 will give an abrupt jump

The following is the...

Hi, I want to substitute the result from NonlinearFit into formula and plot together with raw data.

I have two files v.txt and i.txt , v stands for voltage, i stands for current, using formulato fit my raw data,

The picture is captured from my screen.

Hi, I have a set of data (see here:I-V_data.xls), voltage and current, which is measured from Keithley semiconductor analyzer, I want to load into Maple(version 15) and using formula as follow Two diode equationto fitting the curve, where I (i.e. current) appear at both right-hand-side and left-hand-side, V (i.e. voltage...

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