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I am not able to locate the Maple.ini file in any of the locations




I tried changing the default zoom in the options then restarting the program, it did not remember the settings, also i was not able to open/edit the header/footer in the "Insert>Header Footer..."


A few hours after attempting these things, my laptop froze, due to som unkown reason (Maple was closed at this point) and had to be shut down by holding the power button. It has done this before. i turned it back on, contuined browsing and decided to once again see if I could figure out the problem with Maple. To my suprise, the problem was fixed and i can now save and everything again!

I have no idea what fixed it, i still don't know where i can finde the Maple.ini file. One thing i think i did, was remove some old Maple backup files i left on the desktop. Between these files were some old Maple.ini files. (I did a backup of them as i wanted to save my Maple settings). But i don't think this was the problem, as I did not have these files when the problem started to occur, and as i remember, after deleting the files, i attemped one more time to save, and it still didn't work.


If i open a file, make changes, "save" it, closes all files, opens the file via Recent documents, the file remains unchanged. It won't save!

I installed with everything on default. The problem occured on and old install that have worked for several years.

When pressing "save as" or ctrl+shift+s nothing happens. No file dialouge/new window pop-up.
I am not familier with Maplecloud, as i usually use OneDrive. But it seems like i can save to Maplecloud.

If i press "Export as..." nothing happens.

I don't like using Maplecloud, as all my other files are stored in OneDrive

@Preben Alsholm 

I have a license from my University.

It is running until 2025

I just found out, that the ctrl + o/ Open File, also does not work. I can open old files by opening from the file manager. But not trough Maple


Nothing happens, or changes when pressing the save icon or ctrl + s. The changes to the file is not saved.

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