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The problem is Maple can't find Inverse of Laplace Transfom, then

I'm use numerical inverse  Lapalce transfrom Talbot method.

Edited: 2017.11.10.

I'm adding solution with series approximation.


Good Luck.

for Order =10.


Mariusz Iwaniuk


eq:=(1/6)*7^(1/2)*6^(1/2)*hypergeom([1/14], [15/14], 1/(1/y0)^(7/3))/(y0^(1/6)*(1/y0)^(1/6))-hypergeom([1/14], [15/14], 1)-1

fsolve(eq, y0 = 1 .. 2)


curve := [2*t*(3*t^4+50*t^2-33)/(t^2+1)^3, (2*(7*t^6-60*t^4+15*t^2+2))/(t^2+1)^3]

eq := [x = op(1, curve), y = op(2, curve)]

sort(op([2, 1], eliminate(eq, t)), [x, y], ascending)



 For R>0 and a>0.



Copy code and paste to Maple.It should work.


Mariusz Iwaniuk


You can use a "prime" from palletes. :)



Use a MultiSeries package.


Read this :


Numerically this integral can be calculated.

See atached


f(2)=-pi/2 is a correct answer.See atached file.


Maybe You want f(x)=abs(arcsin(1-x)), then f(2)=Pi/2  ,f>0  ?


Yours homework.


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