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Hello everyone,

I have a project that uses several machines to make a computation. I wrote a package (called here "package") with procedures, "proc".  I wrote several .mpl files structured as:

read "package.mpl":

W:= Read("file1.mpl"):    #I wrote a procedure to read and assign to a variable. This is not the problem.

Export("output.mpl", proc(W));

The situation is as follows: in all but one of my machines, this works fine, and proc(W) is exported correctly. However, in this ugly duckling (which is running the GUI version of Maple18), maple prints as an output, in blue:


and in place of ... it gives the answer expected. But it does not export automatically. I can, of course, manually correct this, but this is not optimal. Moreover, if the output is too big, there will be display issues.

Help? Any light is appreciated, thanks.


PS: I do not expect an answer for the PS; but I also do not know how to make my package "official", in the sense that I always read the .mpl file with all the procedures. Is there a way to call it like the LinearAlgebra and so on and use the package:-proc syntax? 

Hi everyone.

I am trying to build a package in Maple out of a bunch of procedures that I have. To create the procedures, I write them on a Vim editor, than copy and paste into the Maple worksheet to test. In this way, it works (I end the procedure with ; and then I see all the text in blue and I afterwords test it).

I then gathered these procedures to a module, option package, and I do the same: edit on Vim, copy paste it to Maple worksheet and press enter to see a blue message "module() ... end module" in blue, and then I start playing.

However, I decided to add some more procedures to the module that was working. I have a new procedure that works (meaning when I copy to the worksheet it gives the blue text and I can call normally), but when I copy the contents of this new procedure inside the package, with all the others, and I copy everything to the worksheet, the package now fails to work. It gives a message "Error," in pink, no more text, and that is it. Does this sort of error sound familiar to anyone? Thanks in Advance,


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