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@Carl Love 

The images were visible to me and apparently not to others. Normally, this has been fixed now. 

@Rouben Rostamian  

Consider the linear space V = R4[x,y], that consits of homogeneous polynomials of degree 4 in two variables x and y and the linear transformation defined as

I picked a specific basis in the linear space, which is BV4=( {x4, x3*y, x2*y2,x*y3,y4} ).
Now I want to define mB (T) which is the matrix representation of T(x4), T(x3*y),T(x2*y2),T(x*y3),T(y4) in relation to the chosen basis BV4.

I do not manage to calculate the image of each element of the basis via maple.
When I try to put my linear transformation into maple, it fails to work out the images.


How can I insert the linear transformation in maple in a way that it will calculate the images?
Thanks in advance.

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