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These are questions asked by Ninetrees

To begin with, there may be some confusion about units, because in Maple units are an organizational tool and a dimension specifier.

I am trying to prepare a document using 2D. I am not experienced, but am using Help, Maple on the web, &c., extensively to come up to speed. I wanted to get rid of units expressed in [[]] because I am not used to seeing them.

I am

1. I'd like to subscript ESCS below, but cannot unless I use (z)
2. It would be nice to use "natural units" for ESCS(z)
3. It would be nice to remove nT outside the vector in BavgSCS
4. It would be nice to combine the units in EBPP
5. In B:=norm(), the |nT| causes future problems

For each result, I'd like to set the tolerance for zero to some value so that I don't get -0.0. For example, I might choose 10^-5 to be zero for one result and 10^-12 for another.

These notes are also in the attached

I, too, ran into this flaw...

I multiplied 1kohm*5microF, and was surprised to find:

1. I must use mF rather than Greek microF for the capacitance. I am a novice, though, so I may have missed something.

2. The result expanded units to something ugly using [[kOmega]]. I am surprised that at this late hour in Maple development that we still see [[]] for units AND units are not automatically simplified in the unit base that we are using.

3. The examples above are clear enough, but still amount to r-clicking and selecting Units>Simplify. Typing the command doesn't remove the burden of simplifying.

4. Maple correctly suggested units of seconds for my example, so it apparently knew what to do. So where is the global option to automatically simplify units, and why are we still using [[]], and why are microFarads mF, even in light of ASCII-based history?

I looked in Help and did a web search for answers, but came up empty...

Are there naming conventions or requirements for uploaded files?

I am used to using something like "" with spaces as appropriate in the name. xx.yy is my version, because I save many versions as I go along. Mvv is the Maple version.

Are there some names that MaplePrimes will not handle correctly, aside from length?

Though I have been a casual Maple user since M12, I really don't know how to use it well, and am just learning it. I set myself a few tasks to help me discover its potential. I find that I learn better if I have some goal, even if it is just a sample goal.

In the accompanying file, I want to see how to use M14, and explore how to use Legendre polynomials.

Q: In (3.4), is there a cleaner way to declare the sequence?

Q: Am I using sequences correctly in this file?

I am trying to duplicate the material that is shown in the accompanying PDF file, where the plot actually comes from the calculations, much as I am trying to do with Maple 14.

Q: (3.9) gets the correct coefs, but not very there a better way?

Q: I eventually stumbled upon (3.10), which looks correct, but when I dragged it to the plot and dropped it, I got only the first Legendre polynomial, not n of them. How do I get that?

Q: How do I show that I dropped L on the plot? The legend shows Curve 1 and 2.

Q: Is there a way to combine (3.8) and (3.9) into one stem, for example, by using array subscripts? I tried and failed.


I'd like to add the summation with just the index below, not the i=1..n form, but Help seems to say that I can only expressions and entities from other palettes...

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