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I found a minor error in Help...

I thought that I'd help out another poster, so I clicked on the .mw link and got (r-click as usual) a download of an aspx link, or (clicking the link) a blank web page.

I've looked at a number of plot options, and don't see how to get the same relative size in my printed doc that I see on the screen...the plot size wrt the text and formulas. Is this related to the same problem that I have getting images in general to be a predictable size?

I have a document that prints a square over one of the letters in a string when I export as PDF. This does not happen when I print to CutePDF...I suspect some sort of "hidden" character in the file, but don't know how to access it...

I don't seem to be able to get Help to respond to searches with more than one keyword...for example, I entered "date format" and received "No Matches Found."

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