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In an erlier post, I referred to the foot date format, and that post didn't trigger a reply, so I imagine that there is no satisfactory answer..

Help states, for FormatTime, "The default format is the ISO 8601 standard default date format..." but the date in the footer is of the style "12/1/10" which has obvious faults. Is there a way to get a decent date format in the footer other than putting it in by hand?

I have tried to use the Formatted dropdown by selecting a block of text and then selecting Formatted from the dropdown. // I // see the formatted lines, but they don't show up in the posted version.



Is it possible to view the source of a Maple document and correct errors that creep in as the document is edited?




In the attached worksheet, I have 4 questions:View 1292_simplifying units on MapleNet or Download 1292_simplifying units
View file details

1. Why don't I see Units when I right-click (rc)?

2. When I see Units in the 2nd instance when I rc, why don't I see Simplify?

I like the feature that permits the use of the dotted derivative, as it has the look and feel of the work that I am doing. However, when I enter, say, (x_dot + 1)^2 and invoke the expansion, I get x_dot(t)^2 +...

It's nice that Maple knows that x is a function of t, but I would like to avoid the clutter. How do I suppress the (t) so that all I see is x_dot^2?

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