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In doc A, I have a matrix in 2D Input.

In doc B, I

Change input to 2D Input; type in natrix name, :=. Cursor location says it is 2D Input. I copy matrix from doc A and paste it into doc B. The style changes to 2D Math.


I'd like to have better control over formatting. It seems that Maple will put one image next to another but will only allow 1 line of text next to the images. Is there advanced formating control available?


I have a document template (be happy to upload if I can figure out how to)View 1292_$RLM Maple 12 UNH on MapleNet or Download 1292_$RLM Maple 12 UNH

I'm relatively new to Maple and have a question about a result from the menu DE solver. In the attached file, FODE puzzling result, I don't understand ln(e)-1 in the denominator. Thanks, Rich View 1292_FODE puzzling result on MapleNet or Download 1292_FODE puzzling result
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Of those of you who use calculators in your daily lives, how many use algebraic and how many use RPN? Do you care which you use, i.e., do you choose algebraic over RPN or vice versa, or is it simply a case of what you grew up with or what an employer expects/requires? Are you in industry or education? Do you imagine that there would be a value to having Maple run on a hendheld device, one with a decent interface and good graphical display? Rich
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