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These procedures presented by dharr and Carl Love are very practical. I really appreciate everyone's information.

Yes. I checked too. Thanks again.

I didn't know about this procedure. Thank you for your attention and sursum information.

Thanks for the reply sursum.

It really seems to be a bug. I am grateful for your information Rouben.

Thank you for your attention, mmcdara. I will check the problem. My version of Maple is 2022-2.

I managed to find it. Thanks again Preben.

Thank you Preben for your attention. I'm going to apply this numerical solution. Just a question: how do you get the math expressions, on the community page, into these gray boxes? I already tried to do this, but I couldn't.

Hello ecer.

The input is in 2D, in an execution group (worksheet).

This only happens with the palette created by me. With Maple's default palettes this doesn't happen.

When there are any expressions to the left and right of the cursor, insert the entry into a new execution group below the expressions.

Now it worked. Thanks for the contribution dharr.

Hello sursumCorda.

I tried using the procedure posted by Carl Love (raveling-salesman problem), but it failed. Attached is the notebook.


Hi David Thank you for the tips. I will consult.

This recovery that acer performed was excellent, practically 100%. I am very grateful for your attention.

I also thank the Axel Vogt and everyone else for their contributions.


I used the procedure indicated by Regnar, but only recovered a small part of the file. I better redo the file again.

Here is the link of another file that I copied from the Backup folder.


Thanks for the tip Regnar. I'll try too.


acer, this 0-byte file is the corrupted file that Maple returned. I'm uploading the other one he partially corrected. I only have these two.


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