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These are questions asked by Parham2016

Hi all, I want the bewst for you.


Could anyone help me with this bad equation, please?



Hi, I don't know why this happened...

If I write the command in new sheet, it runs correctly(


Second, help me to evaluate N, please...  (


Regards :-)



Hi all, is there anyone who can help me to solve the ODE equation?

I attached two files here....

It really annoyed me ...         :-(


Hi all, I want the best for you.

I really have confused with this bad integral (HeunB)which I've got it 2 weeks ago from a solution by Maple 17. I should solve this one to solve the derivative of this too.


Help me please, I attached the attribute file.




I hope you be health and happy :-)


Please send me a pdf of Maple 17, I have many problem about Maple 17, and can't ask whole of them here!!!


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