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@Markiyan Hirnyk 


Please send me your Maple file...


I couldn't solve it 

@Adri van der Meer 


Wow, It's great Adri. I want the best for you...

God bless you dear


Thanks Dears


Yeah, the HeunT is not defined in Matlab, so I solved my dproblem in Matlab by new method. I wrote a new code, and i got the true answer(the root 7.52) which in Maple I didn't find it.



Thanks a lot...

As you said I noticed that Maple can't solve this problem as good as Matlab...


Good luck

@ Adri van der Meer

Thanks a lot..

But I don't convenienced yet... I followed the process and made a pdf of my Maple file. But it is very bad...


@ Markiyan Hirnyk 6438


Thanks for your response, but this isn't what I want!

I want th figuer be such as the top figure that has a colormap in below of the figure...


I was wondering if it is possible to have a colormap in Maple such as Matlab??????


a bar that show the values in color. For example I plotted a figure with Matlab. The following picture show this. I want to have this bar in the figure which is plotted by Maple.


Hi, please convert the attached file's content into word.

the process is: Maple --->  Latex --->  Mathtype, Could you do this process and send me the result date?




@ Carl Love 8212

I thank you my friend. I must install Maple 18.



@ Carl Love 8212

Thank you my friend. I must install Maple 18.

Oh, the question was asked by me!!!

In this my new problem I used it, but it doesn't work!!!

Did you download the attached file?

@ Carl Love 8192,   Rouben Rostamian 184,   tomleslie 119


Thank you a lot....


But for n= 0.2 it has an answer too. Ofcourse for n>0 there's two answer. n=1 & 0.2


Good luck 


(Salam: in Persian language) Hi, thanks a lot................................................


God bless you my friend  :-)







T(r) = _C1*exp(-(1/2)*sqrt(2)*sqrt(Nu)*r^2)*KummerM(1/2-(1/4)*sqrt(2)*sqrt(Nu), 1, sqrt(2)*sqrt(Nu)*r^2):

#  T(1)=0,   C1≠0,   then at  r=1:  2    KummerM(1/2-(1/4)*sqrt(2)*sqrt(Nu), 1, sqrt(2)*sqrt(Nu))=0

plotKummerM(1/2-(1/4)*sqrt(2)*sqrt(N), 1, sqrt(2)*sqrt(N)), N = 0 .. 10;

KummerM(1/2-(1/4)*2^(1/2)*N^(1/2), 1, 2^(1/2)*N^(1/2)), N = 0 .. 10





Help me to plot this



Thanks a lot.


The command " dsolve(eval({eq,BC},n=1)); ",was very good.



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