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Hi !

Looks like there is a bug in the inert "Diff" command.

I have Maple 2018 on Windows 10 ,64 bits.

Does Maple consider Diff(f(x),x) to be equal to Diff(f(x),[x]) ?

It should be the same.

Maple displays  that it is equal but keeps in memory something else.

In the attached file, I give a very simple example.

I don't like to say this but my old version of Maple V Release V (1997) is more consistent i.e.

this version shows it's different and  keeps in memory that difference.



I wonder if newer versions have this problem ?

Best regards !

Hi !

I want to solve several summations which at first glance seems very easy to me.

But I definitely hit a wall. I have Maple 2018 on Windows 10.

I'm not very familiar with the sumtools or Sumtools packages.

 I have attached a file that gives you an example summation and the

 solution I found and especially I show you the way that I obtained this solution.

  The big question is:

  Is there a way to transform this summation to arrive at my solution?

  Or . Can the result I obtained be demonstrated?

  Maple seems unable to solve this summation. Mathematica did no better.

  I know very well that this is more a question for mathematicians than for

Maple users. But when I look at the questions in Mapleprimes I see

although there are good mathematicians behind most of these questions.

Thank you in advance ! 


Hi !

I just noticed a strange behavior of Maple with Greek letters. 
I have Maple 2017 and 2018 on Windows 10 .

Suppose you write a procedure that contains Greek letters.

If you run the procedure definition, the Greek letters are not displayed correctly. 
They will be displayed in words: alpha, beta, gamma,...
The procedure will still work.

Now close the file. Then open this file. Maple now shows you the procedure with the Greek letters correctly displayed.

I added a file as an example.
Maybe it's an annoying little problem known for a long time ? I don't know .
I have an old version of Maple V Release V (1997) which does not have this problem. 

Best regards !


Hi !

Sorry but there is a bug in the "combine" command when combining double summations.
 Maple 2017,2018 and 2020 all give me a wrong answer. I have an old version of Maple which gives the correct answer.
I have put an example in the attached file.


Best regards

Hi !
I have been working for a long time to evaluate several infinites summations .
I often use a command like  "simplify(combine(sum1-sum2))"  to check if both summations are equal .
Now ,I found that the "simplify" command is not reliable at all . Check my file "simplify.mw" .
I have Maple 2017 and 2018 on Windows 10 .
I'm angry because I have to double check all of my work trying not to use this buggy command.
If someone can confirm that the 2020 version of Maple has an improved "simplify" command , I will buy it immediately.
Thank you !
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