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My role is to help customers better exploit our tools. I’ve worked in selling, supporting and marketing maths and simulation software for all my professional career.

I’m fascinated by the full breadth and range of application of Maple. From financial mathematics and engineering to probability and calculus, I’m always impressed by what our users do with our tools.

However much I strenuously deny it, I’m a geek at heart. My first encounter with Maple was as an undergraduate when I used it to symbolically solve the differential equations that described the heat transfer in a series of stirred tanks. My colleagues brute-forced the problem with a numerical solution in Fortran (but they got the marks because that was the point of the course). I’ve since dramatized the process in a worksheet, and never fail to bore people with the story behind it.

I was born, raised and spent my formative years in England’s second city, Birmingham. I graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from The University of Nottingham, and after completing a PhD in Fluid Dynamics at Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, I started working for Adept Scientific – Maplesoft’s partner in the UK.

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I think you'll need to send the worksheet into tech support. By the way, some of those units (such as the unit in F:= 1360lbf) look like they haven't been entered into a units placeholder (they should be bold grey on input)

@shoeless I can open Flow 2022 worksheets in Flow 2023, and vice versa.

Of course, newer versions may have commands and features that are unsupported in older versions

@tim_finks By a "user-defined field", do you mean a button that inserts some user-specified boilerplate text into a header/footer?

@charlie_fcl Maple Flow 2023 is available for Mac and Windows only. We have no current plans for a Linux version.

@dareimert You've written plots:-diaplay() instead of plots:-display()

We've fixed this for Flow 2023!

plots:-display(plot1,plot2,...) should work in Flow. Could you provide more detail?

Could you send the Flow worksheet to and describe the problem please?

@BadRobot For µs, type `μs` into the Enter Unit box

Do you create a PDF via File>Export or via the File>Print menu?

Could you attach the document?

What OS are you using?

We've fixed that in the soon-to-be-released 2022.2 version.

@ Could you please send your original file to technical support and describe the problem?

There's no way of copy/pasting content from Flow into the forum (this is something we should fix!) You'll need to take a screen grab, save into an image, and upload into your post.

@tim_finks The Units palette contains a subset of the units that Maple Flow understands.

I usually insert an empty units placeholder (Ctrl+Shift+U) and then type in a unit (e.g. N*m)

@fkohlhepp Try using int(,numeric) instead of evalf(Int(,numeric)

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