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These are questions asked by Saraiva1975

The command

plot(x^(1/3), x = -10 .. 10)

plots only the points where x>=0, as for negative values of x the cubic root retuns only the complex root.

Ca can I modify it so that it returns only the real root, so that the whole plot can be viewed?

Why does  int(x^17*cos(x^6), x) yields the complex form

-(x^12 + 2*I*x^6 - 2)*exp(x^6*I)*I/12 + (x^12 - 2*I*x^6 - 2)*exp(-I*x^6)*I/12

instead of the real (and more straightforward) answer

x^12/6*sin(x^6) + x^6/3*cos(x^6) - sin(x^6)/3

Both are equivalent, and the second form can be achieved from the first one by aplying Euler's identity.

However, how can I force int to yield the second form (real)?

Why does fsolve(x - (-8.0)^(1/3), x) returns only the first root (1.000000000 + 1.732050807*I)  of the polynomial (which clearly has 3 roots)?

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