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I can import maple, but I get an error when importing namespace/symbols:

import maple.namespace as mpl

I want to plot the solutions of the equation (x-y)^2+(1-z)^2=0.

However, implicitplot3d is not able to plot them, at least using the default arguments. Any recommendations?

I know a priori that it is going to be a curve contained in a plane in case that makes this task easier.

Does anyone by any chance know why I might be getting this error?

I'm working with polynomials that have coefficients with many digits (16).

Thank you in advance,

I want to create a random polynomial using randpoly() with coefficients in a given list A := [1,1,2,5,6].

For that, I need to create a function that works as rand(1..9) but that when called returns a random element of A instead of a random number between 1 and 9.

What I have tried so far is

r := rand(1..numelems(A))

However, that returns a random element of A, not a function that returns a random element of A.

I've also tried


But that gives an error.

One way of solving this problem would be to find out how to create a `..` type with the desired elements, something that works as 1..9 but with the elements of A. But convert(A,`..`) doesn't work and the rest of the things I tried don't work either.

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