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@Carl Love, this package is installed when using "pip install maple".
Where can I find the maple package I should be installing?

I added "..Maple 2023\bin.X86_64_WINDOWS" to my PATH variables, is there anything else I should be doing?


Thanks, that was what I was looking for.

@tomleslie Sorry, I forgot to add the '=0' to make the expression an equation.

Thank you for your answer, however, it only solves this particular case. I would be interested in plotting things of the form 'f(x,y)^2+(z-1)^2=0'. Where 'f(x,y)' is a polynomial whose solution is not necessarily parametrizable. Sorry for not explaining this in the original question.

I just found a way of solving this issue. This is the simple solution I found is:

r := rand(1..numelems(A))
rand_in_A := ()-> A[r()]
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