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Could you check if security tools may be blocking that operation? See our FAQ page, please.

@C_R Yes, it's a known issue that some lines are simply too thin. Rescaling / zooming then helps indeed.

@nm I guess it's by design. Infinite scroll works well in my preferred browser (Firefox), so I would not see any reason to disable it.

@nm There is a checkbox "Infinite scroll enabled", towards the top right corner. It is checked by default.

@nilswe You're welcome. By the way, please take a look at the DynamicSystems package for linear time-invariant systems.

@MB86 How big will t become in your application? What is a realistic upper bound?

Asymptotic expansions are supported by Maple, but I have no time this week to spend on your additional question, sorry.

@ider It is strongly recommended to use Worksheet mode for computations, whereas Document Mode is made for publications (roughly speaking).

Furthermore, LinearAlgebra:-LinearSolve is much better than multipliying the matrix inverse by the r.h.s. vector.

I will attach my worksheet (in 1D input, which is more reliable). Please use it as a starting point.

This has nothing to do with trial license vs permanent license. The trial license does not have any technical limitations.

@ider What challenges did you observe?

You can either post them here or submit an SCR (see the "More" drop-down menu) or contact our support team.

@Preben Alsholm Yes, there is some inconsistency here. It seems to be related to 1D vs 2D input as well, the former being more reliable than the latter. So I have submitted an SCR. Here's my attempt: Download


If your actual goal is to compare functions in the complex domain, there is a more specific tool (rather than visualizing their difference):


No surprises in this example. For investigating special funtctions, it is really helpful - more so than for elementary functions, I'd say.

@sursumCorda  What do you mean by saying "identify still fails to recover RootOf(...)"?

It returns precisely that result.

Digits:=240 should suffice here, by the way.

@nm I'm not aware of any such studies. All I can say from experience is that both Linux and macOS are better for long-running applications because Windows requires rebooting regularly. Updates are enforced by Microsoft since Windows 10.

@FDS Not all plot commands support units out of the box and in all situations. This will hopefully be rectified in future versions, but it's a complex task. The option itself (plus some background info) is documented on the ?plot,units help page.

@Prakash J Once again, you have neither specified v(x) nor theta(t-x). So what do you expect Maple to plot here? The error message is therefore expected.

@Prakash J Please upload your Maple worksheet; otherwise it's useless to guess what you mean. You didn't even quote the error message.

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