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Congratulations on the 1st of April!

This thing - the near future of computer mathematics education. (My personal opinion)
Whether we like it or not.
Half of my students - in admiration.
I love Maple. But ...
As a consolation, I note that M9 suffers from W|A too.


Many Thanks, Markyan!


... about site - for me? -

I have to admit that guided by the Internet Explorer 11.
Previously he was a hegemon.
My students, in general, do not complain.
I put a lot more interesting interactive solutions on a new topic than to adapt to the new browsers.
This week will lay out about 10,000 interactive solutions on the topics: Series, Limits, Derivatives, ODE...
I am very, very sorry that I could not wait to Maple application like the W|A.

I join in the congratulations!
Wish: I wish you a lot more serious about mobile and online versions of Maple. And be quick.

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Now I gladly agree with you.
I got what I wanted.
50,000 visitors from Russia on MaplePrimes. This is the minimum that I had planned.
I'm sure they now know that the Maple - a good helper in solve of their current problems.
Perhaps I will stop.
Good luck!

05/15/2012 on my two Maple sites were 7,000 unique visitors and 40,000 visits. I am satisfied with it.

I repeat. I am doing an experiment.
I want to draw to the site of the Russian students.
If you do not like this idea, let me know.

Feel the difference.
On this site is my personal record - 24,000 visits for 1 post in a few months.
On one of my site - 200,000 per day for a single Maple document.

This is - a manual for Russian students. The most needed.

20 chapters. Around 100 tasks each. Examination - in a month. For everyone on MaplePrimes else - for information. Which Maple documents are especially popular in Russia. During the month will be not less than 1000000 visits.

So far - draft. A week later - a good variant. After a month - an "ideal" variant. In Maple.

In July-August, few people would be interested in Maple. Only Professionals. A May-June should be used at 100%.
And the bad. For Me only? 16 version has the same problem with the formatting in html, as all the latest version (8-15). A lot of routine work.

The WRI surprised by the fact that in Russia has little interest in Mathematica.
And You are probably surprised by the fact that in Russia are very grateful to Maple. ???






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