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These are questions asked by Will_iii

in MapleFlow 2022 ...
1i means 1*sqrt(-1) while 2i means 2*sqrt(-1) ... etc ... right?

In electronics "j" is used for  the sqrt(-1) ... since "i" is used for electric current.

That said I just discovered that MapleFlow will also interperit "j" as sqrt(-1) when used in this context...
1j = 1*sqrt(-1)
2j= 2*sqrt(-1)

But how can I have MapleFlow express answers using j as sqrt(-1) instead of using i?

I want 2 * 2j= 4j
not 2*2j = 4i

Also, on another topic...
On this forum... what is the difference between a "Post" and a "Question"... as when I ask a question ...
 consider it "posting" a question.

Thanks for any help or  clairfication.

Question 1: Given: c^3 = 1000
How can I have MapleFlow 2022 solve for c?

I can do this manually, of course... by entering...
c=1000^1/3 =
But I haven't been able to figgure out how to have MapleFlow solve for "c" automatically.

Question 2: How to find the log to the base 10?
As it  seems the default is base e.

Question 3: What is antilog function for a given base?

Thanks for any help.


1 - Is there a specefic place to make suggestions for the next revision of Maple Flow 2022?

(As opposed to just blasting them out on the forum)

2 - When entering text in a container...

I hit Ctl+R to switch to Math mode ... but how do I switch back to text mode in the same container?

For instance I hit the space bar for a text container and enter some text...

Then I hit Ctl+R to enter some math like maybe to enter a variable with a subscript...

Then I want to return to text mode in the same container...

How do I do this?

Thanks for any help.


Given: f := (R1 + Rc)/(4*C*Rf*R1)

Where ...

R1 := 10^5

R2 := 300*10^3

R3 := 75*10^3

Rf := 10^4

Rc := R2

C := 10^(-6)

Now to find the value of "f" enter...


and I get ...

25.000 + 2.500*10^(-4)*Rc

But ...if I enter ...

(R1 + Rc)/(4*C*Rf*R1) = 

I get 100.000

Which I think is the correct answer.

Why isn't Maple Flow 2022 returning 100 when I ask for the value of "f" ?

I'm sure I'm doing something incorrect so maybe some kind soul will give me some guidance.

Thanks for any help.

PS - Is there an easy way to enter a set of equations from Maple Flow  2022... like the above... without having to copy and paste each one individually?

I enter ...

5*a^2 + 2*b - 7 = 0



and get b=b not b=1

I thought I figgured out how to do this a couple of weeks ago but after an absense from Maple Flow I'll be darn'd if I can remember how to make it work.

Of course I can manually manulape the the equation...

b := (-5*a^2 + 7)/2


then enter b =

and get the rusults 1 ... but I thought Maple Flow would do all that for me in the first instane above...

Thanks for any help.


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