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@Carl Love 

Thanks for the help Carl. All good except the command for a base-b logarithm log]b](...)

doesn't seem to work in MapleFlow 2022...

I tried it  with the base10 like this...


but got this error message... "Proceedure cannot be indexed: Units: -Simple:-log[10](1000)"

Am I making a syntax error or is there another way to do this in MapleFlow2022?

Thanks again for any help.

@acer thanks for responding.

1) Thanks for thelink to the Software Change Request. After working with Maple Flow 2022 I'll have a number of suggestions for the development team.

2) Yes, Ctl-t does switch me back to text mode in Maple Flow 2022. Thanks for the tip on that.

Thanks again for the help.

Really appriceate the help folks.



OK, I inadvertently deleted the worksheet but then re-entered  it... and then it worked!

I guess I had some syntax error or something.

Upload will not allow me to upload a .flow file so I've attached an image of the worksheet and included it in this post for reference... just in case anyone want's to double check me.

Thanks for the help everyone.

PS - When will they modify the board so we can upload Maple Flow 2022 ".flow" files?


Given Maple Flow 2022's response to "f=" +"Enter" ...

f=25.000 + 2.500*10^(-4)*Rc

If I replace "Rc" in the above with 300 * 10^3... which is the value of R2 as defined in the inital declairations...

like this ... 25.000 + 2.500*10^(-4)*300*10^3=

Then Maple Flow 2022 does in fact yeild 100 as the answer.

The question is ... How can I get Maple Flow 2022 to yeild "100" when I simply enter "f=" + "Enter" ?

And regarding the "PS" I was asking how to copy a series of equations from Maple Flow into the Coment Field on this forum.
I had to copy each equation one by one in the OP... a lot of work :-)

Thanks again for the help!


I entered "b=" plus Enter ...

just to check that the value of 'b' was now actually equal to 1.

It was just a double check.



OK, this seems to work ...

eq := 5*a^2 + 2*b - 7 = 0            // the original equation
a:=1                                                      // set 'a' equal to the value 1
b:=solve(eq,b) = 1                        // note b:= instead of b=

b= 1                                                     // so now the variable 'b' is in fact set to equal the value 1

Right ?



OK, this works ...

eq := 5*a^2 + 2*b - 7 = 0
b=solve(eq,b) = b = 1

BUT when I enter ... b = ...
 I expected Maple Flow to yeild 1 ... but instead it still returns the answer as 'b' ... like ...

so it appears you can get the answer using 
b=solve(eq,b) =
but the variable 'b' is not subsiquently set to equal 1 ... right?

Is there anyway to solve the equation for 'b' and simultaneously have b's value changed to the value of the solution?

Thanks for the help.

PS - FYI, no semi-colon's in Maple Flow 2022. and "restart;" doesn't work in Maple Flow 2022 ... if I am not mistaken.



1 - Roger

2 - That worked :-)

(Guess I was doing something wrong before when I tried this before)

3 - Roger

Thanks again Christopher. Very helpful!


OK, typing int(f(x),x=a..b) worked ...
as well as int CTL + SPACEBAR entering "int Ctl+Spacebar" doen't create f(x)

But ...

1 - When you say "Context Menu" on the left are you talking about the Expresion Palette?
(Remember I'm using Maple Flow 2022 which, I think, doesn't implement all of the traditional Maple features )

2 - Regarding using the Expression Pallette ... I can create the definite integral via the Expression Palette...

But once I add the definite integral to the worksheet via the Expression Pallet ...
I don't see a way using the Expression Palette to change the "f" in the integral to f(x) 

3 - Finally, I've seen in Maple Help ... references to the "Context Menu"  ...

where the user right clicks on a result and a "Context Menu" pops up.

I can't get this feature to work in Maple Flow 2022... can you?

Thanks for the help!

@Christopher2222 OK, I can re-assign a variable ...

X:=2   //assign the value of 2 to X

X:=5   //give X a new value of 5

But how to "Clear" the variable so X equals nothing? As if no value had ever been assigned to it?


@Christopher2222 Gee Whiz ! How could I have missed that extra bracket?

Now it works. Thanks Christopher.



As I recently acquired Maple Flow 2022 and have no experience with Maple ... but here is what I have found ...

This Works: convert(2 Unit(rad),degrees)=114.592*degrees*rad

No Workie: convert(2*Unit(degrees),units,radians=

NoWorkie: convert(2*Unit(degrees),units,radians;

No Workie: convert(2*Unit(degrees), radians)=

So, since Maple Flow2022 runs without the user owning Maple ...
I'm guessing not all Maple language/commands work in Maple Flow 2022
Or, I just don't know how to properly enter them in a Maple Flow 2022 Worksheet.

Regardless, I think Maple Flow 2022 is its own product and provides a nice front end GUI that will appeal to many new users.

And, all that said, I am still feeling my way along the learning curve so others are certainly more of an expert than I am at this stage.


@tomleslie Tom,

I'm sure the Maple  math engine is under Maple Flow 2022 somewhere but I was unable to get your example to work.

I downloaded your file cU.mw and was able to  open it in Maple Flow 2022 and it appears as in the body of your post ...

(even though Maple Flow 2022's default file extension is .flow)

BUT... when I try to key it in to a new Maple Flow  2022 Worksheet it doesn't "execuite" so "2 pi rad" is not returned.

Maybe someone here can tell me how to enter your into a Maple Flow 2022 Worksheet and get it to run.

Thanks for the help!


@Christopher2222 I agree with your obseration about the behavior but "majority rule" doesn't seem like math:-)

The only to get radians back as the answer is to not assign units to 360 degrees or 180 degrees like ...

360 * (2*pi rad/180)= 6.283 rad

In fact if you assign any similar units to the 360 and 180 it does not return radians as the units ike ...

While something like this does do the algebra correctly ...

360A * 2C/180A  = 4C

I think this looks like a bug ... to me.

Other than that, I'm having a blast learning Maple Flow 2022.

Thanks again for the help Christopher

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