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Can anybody tell me how to plot a family of indexed curves without having to type each one in the plot command?

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I'd like to see anything anybody would do differently.

Why isn't answer (2) the same as answer (4) in the following:

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This is from page 2 of When Least Is Best by Paul J. Nahin.

Why doesn't Maple do what I want in the following:

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What is the following equation about?

(a+b^n)/n = x

It has too many unknowns.  There seem to be too many trivial solutions: a=b=n=1, x=2 or a=1, b=2, n=3, x=3 or a=2, b=2, n=2, x=3 and on and on.  Why would anyone think that this has anything to do with the existance of God?

The following is from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonhard_Euler

There is a famous anecdote inspired by Euler's...

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