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Is there a convenient way to express a 2nd or higher derivative, say in an eval statement, so that it is not confused with an expression containing an exponent?

This function

f(x) = { 0,           x = 0
          { 1 - x,      0 < x < = 1

is not continuous on [0, 1].

So I wrote

f := x -> piecewise (x = 0,0,x > 0,1-x);

But Maple doesn't show the lack of continuity. (discont=true doesn't do anything here). Can I improve the plot?


Why does Maple fail to respond to

solve( {(560/243)*(x+1)^(-13/3)},{x});



I'm an autodidact working with calculus and Maple 9.5,  I find the Maple Learning Guide more illustrative than comprehensive and the help files too oriented toward users who know more math and/or more Maple than I do.  This forum has proved helpful in responding to specific questions, but I'm looking for some books that would provide guidance on the full range of Maple's potential.  I'm not looking for a primer, but rather something as comprehensive as the help files that makes fewer assumptions about the reader's knowledge and is written

Would someone please give me the correct syntax for finding extrema on a closed interval for

f(x) = 3x^4 - 4x^3  on the interval [-1, 2]

that would include the left & right endpoints should one of those be the maximum or minimum.



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