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Hi,   I want to plot a vecotr 100x1   with neumerical data. Could anyone help me.


Hi, every body,

When I use the two orders stackmatrix and augment. It is ok. But, when I try to use the reslut matrix in any place no matrix appears.

Could any one help me.

Dears,  I have a system of linear equation A*X=B   where A matrix 607x400  & X vector  400x1 and B vector 400x1

where A not square matrix. To sove,  I do


Let   D= (A^T)*A        D  square matrix



the solution is

X= (D^-1)*(A^T)*B.

could any one help me to do this by maple and cut the resluts in...

I setup Maple 11 on windows 7   but the program does not save any data

Dears, How can i plot a parametric equations for an ellipse

x[i]=a*sin(t[i]),     y[i]=b*cos(t[i])      t[i] takes a numerical vaulues from - Pi to Pi.


i want to plot the values ,

(x[1], y[1]),

(x[2], y[2]),



(x[i], y[i])      where     i=1..100,

Dr. Amr

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