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Hi,  if i have a matrix 4x4 as

A=[I          Y        -X        aX

     bY        Z         o          o

      X^T     O^T     0         0

       o^T  O^T       0         q ]   

Hi,    I have the following    

for i from 1 to 100 do    x[i]:=cos(θ[i]);     y[i]:=sin(θ[i])  end do; 

Now I want to find the first and second derivatives for x[i] and y[i] which are

for i from 1 to 100 do     x1dot[i]:=-sin(θ[i]);     y1dot[i]:=cos(θ[i]); 


Hi,  I have and integral its results contains Beta function and hypergeometric function.
I found a difficulty to program the hypergeometric function with Maple 13. is any one can solve this problem



The problem in written...

If I have the following expression 

K:=(j)->j  is an expression where j an index run from 1 to 10

Now, I want to fill a row matrix with this expression as follows

A := Matrix(1, 10, K)

I think this is true where the result is [ 1  2  3  4  ..... 10]

but this is not  true in maple

the result is     [1  1  1  1 ..... 1] 

can any one tell what is the truth.

Hi, everyboyd I wan to draw a vertical line at theta:=Pi  for any function.

How can i do it.


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