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I have a system of equations  AX=B where the matrix A from dimension 307x200, X from 200x1, and B from 307x1
How can I use Gauss elimination to solve these system of equations.

Dear, slamu aleekum

If i have

M=100,    j run from 1 to 15,     i run from 1 to M

How can i use       i-j mod M

                          i+j mod M

thanks for help

Dears,  I want to generate a following matrix

g:=proc(i,k); if 86<=i<=100    then if i+1<=k<=100  then Y   end if end if end proc:


Is this true (Can i use two if statments)

Could any one help me


Hello everyone,

I have a great problem with maple (cause I'm a beginner)  My problem is When i write the following
for i from 1 to M do x[i]=evalf(a* cos(t[i])) end do;
I get a numbers for x[i], like t[1]=0, then x[1]=3.
until now no problem.
But when i calling x[1] in another place in the same file. i get x[1]=0.
Could any one help me.

Hi everybody, could any one tell me " What is the job of order  round(evalhf(Digits)) ?


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