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Hi. Wanting a procedure, but not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I did a search on mapleprimes for "Shoelace" (formula). I got the response below indicating a hit. But clicking on the hypertext, i get to page 41 of Kitonums replies, but not the actual thing i wanted. I go to "find on this page" in my browser firefox and input "Shoelace"...nothing. enter "thU"...nothing. Do I really have to go through all of his replies on the page?

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... ThU. You are right. Shoelace's formula is a wonderful formula! It ... ThU. You
are right. Shoelace's formula is a wonderful formula! It ...
Hi All. To find all solutions to a trig eqn in Maple 11 you do the following (See attached file). My question is what commands do I use in Maple 10 to replicate the Maple 11 results. M11 is too slow on my machine. (in M10 all i get is error message "solutions lost"). rgds View 2735_Solutions with on MapleNet or Download 2735_Solutions with
Hi All In M11 you do the following; _EnvAllSolutions := true: _EnvExplicit := true: solve([sin(x)*cos(x)=0,x>0,x
Hi I wonder if anyone knows of any maple code to generate polynomials with algebraic constants. eg an order 1 poly would be: a+b*x, order 2: a+b*x+c*x^2, order 3: a+b*x+c*x^2+d*x^3, ...... etc what i'm looking for is a procedure where i input the order, eg 3, and it spits out a+b*x+c*x^2+d*x^3 thanks in advance
Maple can convert an ordinary (base 10) number into its constituents using the convert base command. eg 175 can be decomposed to its digits using: > convert(175,base,10) = [5,7,1] my question is "is there a maple command that turns [5,7,1] back to 175". obviously I could pluck out the numbers and multiply by 100,10 etc, but i'd rather have an inbuilt command. Mathematica has a command that does it: FromDigits. rgds
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