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I wanted to know how to search a list of permutations given criteria: print the permutation(s) If the 4th element of each perm was equal to [C,Z} and the seventh was equal to [B,Y]


Say I have 3 players on 2 teams. The teams play each other and there are 9 single [[A[s], B[s]], [A[s], B[m]], [A[s], B[w]], [A[m], B[s]], [A[m], B[m]], [A[m], B[w]], [A[w], B[s]], [A[w], B[m]], [A[w], B[w]]]matchups.

A, B, C & X, Y, Z. are the players. A and X are the strongest players, C and Z are the weakest.

Here's one: [[A,X],[B,Y],[C,Z],[A,Y],[B,Z],[C,X],[A,Z],[B,X],[C,Y]]

So i'm looking for some code to display all such permutations.

Carl came up with some code a while back which 'kind of' does it

P:= [A,B]:  S:= [s,m,w]:
[seq(rtable((1..nops(S)) $ nops(P), ()-> index~(P, S[[args]]), order= C_order))];
[[A[s], B[s]], [A[s], B[m]], [A[s], B[w]], [A[m], B[s]], [A[m], B[m]], [A[m], B[w]], [A[w], B[s]], [A[w], B[m]], [A[w], B[w]]]


My integrals are convolutions.and I know I can evaluate this using numerical integration, but I am seeking a numerical solution of this problem using FFT. I have many many integrals of this type to evaluate and I need FFT for speed reasons.

This might inspire you.


I am trying to get a family of curves on one graph. Each curve a different colour and labeled

P=2, Q=0 , P=2,Q=1 , etc

mmcdara 's proposal for inspiration?


Just trying to replicate a calculation, I would expect close to absolute zero, but my units are out

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