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@Carl Love Thank you so much, I find extra space ,fix the problem. you are veteran maple.

@Carl Love Thank you so much  I  get you mean, it is fix already.

 This is plain text  can not fix my problem , how can run .mw files is work ?

how about  M proc= M(2,4)   is not work   beacuse something wrong sortcollect proc

@acer thank you so much ! help  a lot!!!!!!

anyone can fix this problem???? please help me !!! thank you so much

@Kitonum  beause you are not right !


@Carl Love can you help me do this question?

@Carl Love yes,exactly this is book!


INPUT A SQUAREFREE MONIC POLYNOMIAL F BELONG TO F_q[x] of degree n>0, where q is an odd prime power, and a divisor d<n of n, so that all irreducible factors of f have degree d.

output: a proper monic factor g belong to F_q[x] of f,or "failure".

1. choose a belong to F_q[x] with deg a<n at radom

if a belong to F_q[x] then return "failure"

2, g_1←gcd(a,f) , if g_1 not equal 1 then return g_1

3. call the repeated squaring in R=F_q[x]/<f> to compute b= a^((q^d-1)/2) rem f

4. g_2←gcd(b-1,f) if (g_2 not euqal 1) and g_2 not euqal f then return g_2 else return "failure".


1. if n=d then return f

2 call the equal-degree splitting algorithm 14.8 with input f and d repeatedly until it return a proper factor g belong to  F_q[x] of f

3 call the algorithm recursively with input g and with input f/g return the results of the two recursive calls.

@Carl Love  thank you so much  it works  LA change LinearAlgebra

convert change convert~    

@Carl Love  can you help me find this problem? I trytype  but still not

 Work for me!

@Carl Love it is work  but  the output anwser total wrong  

X := LinearAlgebra:-LinearSolve(convert(LinearAlgebra:-IdentityMatrix(3)-A, rational), `<,>`(0, 0, 0))

X := Vector(3, {(1) = 0., (2) = 0., (3) = -0.})

can you fix this !

@Carl Love I using maple 13 

@Carl Love 

> X := LinearAlgebra:-LinearSolve(convert(LA:-IdentityMatrix(3)-A, rational), `<,>`(0, 0, 0));
Error, `LA` does not evaluate to a module.

EVERYTHING i TYPE in my maple ,I have this problem.

@Carl Love 

> X := LinearAlgebra:-LinearSolve(convert(LinearAlgebra:-IdentityMatrix(3)-A, rational), `<,>`(0, 0, 0));
but  maple output is  X=vector[0,0,-0] ? why?

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