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The command fslove(Val,Q) is generating multiple positive solution as you rightly pointed out. How can I get the value which is between 10 and 20 and then calcute the Bias[r]

Please suggest


Your code for same parameters as i mentioned in the first code, is not giving the Qstar value same. if a=10 and b=20 then Qstar should be between 10..20.  The value is coming totally different in your code for R=1. Plz help me how to resolve 

when I am running the procedure. I am getting the error

Error, illegal use of an object as a name

Plz suggest what should i do.

If you can share the file with code.  it would be easy

Thank you. Yes the range is froma to Q

t value is in range from qd_opt up to t value .  how to print it. 

But now how to print INT_Profit's e p and z values in the same table and same for Re_Profit

Thank you  for this amazing code.

Can you help for printing the output in the table form like for beta=2 and k=1 the values of Int_profit, Whole_Profit, qd etc are like this 

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