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When I use functions from the DocumentTools to display information in a Maple document, they display a weird bracked along the left hand side of the display. I would like them to display in the same way they do in the help pages. I have attached a document showing the results I get when I repeat some of the examples from the help pages.


I have a package of routines meant to help Danish highschool students use Maple. I would like to use MapleCloud to distribute this but have run into a major stumbling block:

While Maple is perfectly happy to use non-latin letters such as the Scandinavian letters æ, ø and å it seems that MapleCloud can't handle that. Specifically, strings containing such letters is displayed in garbled form (the non-latin letters are shows as squares), and symbolic names containing such characters seems not to be recognized. The latter problem in particular makes MapleCloud quite useless to me.

I have attached a simple workbook demonstrating the problems to this message.

Yesterday when I wanted to log in to MapleCloud my login information was no longer recognized. I got this message:

The account type or email address or password is incorrect.

When I tried to login to my Maple account I landed on a page saying, that there were some problems.

This morning I tried again to no avail; then asked to have my password reset, made a new password and tested that I could log in to my Maplesoft Membership and to Maple Primes - both worked fine. I also seemed to be able to log in to MapleCloud - I could see my private files; but when I wanted to upload a new version af an existing workbook I was asked to log in again. I closed Maple down, restarted the program and tried to log in to MapleCloud once more - this time it didn't work. I can still log in to my Maplesoft Membership and to MaplePrimes.

I have made a small package in a workbook and want to upload it as a package to MapleCloud. According to the help pages, I should select Save To Cloud from the File menu and select the package option for Application Type in the dialog that appears. However, no matter what I do the only option availlable is Maple. What is going on?

I have a base class with a lot of assignements. The classes that I let my students use are all child classes of that. I used to be able to hide all the assignements except those, that the students should actually work on, but now I can no longer do that. The base class is shared with several colleges and not "owned" by me, but that didn't ust to be an issue. Is there a solution to this problem?

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