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@Preben Alsholm  That is odd. I can't remember ever having had this kind of problems with Danish letters, and I have always used UTF-8.

Is this a Windows-only problem? Microsoft is famous for it inconsistent and ever changing ways of handling character encodings. Could it be that changes from one version of Windows to another causes problems for older versions of Maple?


@Thomas Richard Actually the problem is not solved by attaching the code files to a workbook! There is a bug (at least in Maple 2017) which garbles letters such as æ, ø and å when an .mpl file is attached to a workbook.

As to using the Code Editor: I'm sorry but I really can not see the Code Editor as a serious tool for editing code as it lacks all but the most basic editing functions.

@acer I'm sorry. I didn't understand your original answer. I now realise that DocumentBlock is another command in the DocumentTools:-Layout package; and you are right that it solves my problem. Thanks a lot!

I also wasn't precise enough in explaining what I want to accomplish. My package is meant to provide students with functions to help them make their own documents answering their assignements. I use InsertContent... to return results of calculations in a nicely formatted manner. This is why I wasn't happy with solutions that involve manually changing some configuration setting.

@acer Thank you for the detailed explanation. Unfortunately it doesn't quite solve my problem. I am developing a package of functions to assist students doing their homework assignements. Hence, while your suggestions would be useful for me, I need a way to solve it for the students as well. Is there a way to change document settings programatically?

@Preben Alsholm 

Thank you for replying.

I don't see the attachment either - I seem to have misunderstood the "Upload Images or Documents" button. The document is here:TestPackageWorkbook.maple.

Your document works fine. However, my problem is with a package uploaded to MapleCloud as a workbook.

I don't know if opening the workbook will work as intended, but if you create the package and upload it to the cloud and then install the package, the Danish letters no longer works in strings or exported symbol names. The local name seems to be ok, though.

@Daniel Skoog 

It seems you are right. This morning everything works again.



I don't know why, but just now everything worke as expected. The only thing I did differently this time was selecting Save To Cloud from the File menu and then logging in to MapleCloud rather than logging in first in the MapleCloud Toolbar. Can it be that the problems I experience was due to my MapleCloud account being created the same day?


Thank You for the answer. Unfortunately it doesn't help me. I created the workbook as You described, trying both creating the module in the workbook and importing it form a .mpl-file, but I never got the option to upload the package.



You are exactly right, thank you very much.

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