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why doesnt maple simplify this expression any further?

I tried radnormal and simplify.

but he complains when using combine saying:

Error, (in combine/ln) second argument must be a maple type

Why is that?

i have a list of numeric values like this:


now i want to calculate the quantity


which in turn should give me a list again whose entries are:


but just doing

s:=lambda-r^2 doesnt work.

lambda is an arbitrary number

ode := diff(x(t), t, t) = 1^2*(cosh(x(t))-1)/cosh(x(t))

ics := x(0) = 2, (D(x))(0) = 0

xs := dsolve({ics, ode})


plot(xs, t = 0 .. 3)


why do i get this error?

Error, invalid input: plot expects its 1st argument, p, to be of type {set, array, list, rtable, algebraic, procedure, And(`module`, appliable)}, but received x(t) = RootOf(Int(1/(-4*arctan(exp(_a))+4*arctan(exp(2))-4+2*_a)^(1/2), _a = _Z .. 2)+t)

How do I define an algebra in Maple?

Say for example Quaternions:




with x=1/2*arccosh(1/s)-beta*u

is to be calculated to the first order in u.

in fact im only interested in the first order not in the zero order.

so when applying the series I get for the first order


whereas by hand I get:


 I'd really appreciate some idea since...

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