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Hi all,

 I want to find the co-efficient for z^k of 2-stage hyper exponential Random Variable. That is expressed as sum of two Taylor series. I have given the code in the attachment. I have tried using convert(A(z),FormalPowerSeries,z) with op([1,1],..), but it didn't

Many many thanks for your help. I want to learn about why op[1,1] returns only the first operator (which itself has two operators as summands). Also please point me the link for convert on float values.

Dear experts,

 I want to extract the coefficient of z^k from an infinite series summation (known as probability generating function or characteristic function or Z-transformation) , the co-efficient is actually the probability of the R.V. will take value k.

Next problem in the same question is the summation is not working if I sum from 0 to infinity. It is working from 0 to 300.

I have attached the PDF for expressing the problem and the Maple code. I have used convert...

Hello Maple experts,

 I want to find out k-th probability (denoted by c(k)) which is expressed as an integration of summation for values ranging from j=0 to k. The function is very complicated , I have attached the PDF for expressing the mathematical term properly.

I am able to find out the c(k) for a given value of k, if k is specified in the beginning of the maple program. But I am unable to make it generic form of k.

I have also attached the...

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