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Yes, I read that one - it's the one that got me started.

- Dushan

Good grief, how in the world did all those formatting symbols get into the post?

I didn't have this problem earlier.  Will see how this one shows up.

- Dushan

To evaluating some real integrals I use the 'assume' instruction to make sure all the quatities are real.  But Maple 12 can't seem to deduce the obvious inequalities from this - testing for them gives a FAIL result.  Here is a minimal example:

    assume(X,real, Y,real, w>0);

    is( (X+w)^2 + Y^2 >= 0);


What's the best way to get around this deficiency?

- Dushan


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Here it is (0.5 MB).  I did notice that another tab doesn't have that problem.  So now the question is, how do I undo it.

- Dushan

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