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@acer It is Maple 2022. I would like this presentation to be ready for the reader. In other words, so they do not have to right-click and scroll through menus to see the image properly. I don't understand the separated disk either. That's why I asked.  Thank you for the help thus far though.

@acer It worked, however, upon further inspection I found this circle attached to the solid I can't seem to remove. I tried adjusting the view and domain. However, this removes a strip from the solid. How can I fix this? Also, is there a way to make the image larger? I tried removing the constraint, but then it shows an image that is not scaled well. Also, I am looking to change the size of the image only, not the plot window.

VolumeOfRevolution(2*x^2 + 1, x = 0 .. 1, volumeoptions = [color = ["Niagara 1"], transparency = 0.5], orientation = [270, 90, 0], view = [-1 .. 1, -3 .. 3, -3 .. 3], labels = [z, x, y], output = plot, axis = vertical, scaling = constrained)

@acer Thanks!

@Kitonum Thanks!

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