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@mehdi jafari 


Sorry about that. The link has been updated.




You were wondering about buying old manuals. The Maple 16 manuals are available on our web store today, for anyone who wants to pick up a set.  Once Maple 17 comes out, we’ll look at how many copies of the Maple 16 manuals we have left, if any, and decide then what to do with them.  Selling them at a discount may be an option, though it's too early to promise anything.

In case you are interested, you can by a new copy of First Leaves on Amazon for under $4!



@Markiyan Hirnyk 

Sorry I missed this.

In general, it is not currently possible to view Maple T.A. questions outside of Maple T.A.  However, some of the content on the T.A. Content Center does include a PDF preview which show sample questions.  For example, this course, http://www.maplesoft.com/tacontent/view.aspx?SID=140635, has a preview document that includes sample quizzes, where you can see some of the questions.

The example you found is actually something different. It's a "Tips and Techniques" document, and not a preview of a question bank or course module containing Maple. T.A. questions.


The shipped version of Maple 16 does include hardcover manuals. They can also be purchased separately for those who have access to Maple already but want the manuals.  (The manuals are also available electronically - both inside the help system and as PDFs which can be downloaded from our Documentatation Center.)

The Personal Edition is availble for qualified individuals. Here are the details.



Yes, MapleSim 5 requires Maple 15.  We are currently working on the next version of MapleSim, which will work with Maple 16.  In the meantime, you can install both Maple 15 and Maple 16 side-by-side on the same computer. That way, you can take advantage of the enhancements in Maple 16 for any of your Maple-based worked, and MapleSim 5 will continue to call upon Maple 15 as needed.


eithne (Maplesoft)


There are no other fixes in this release beyond the things already mentioned. Maple 15.01 was released sooner than we usually put out point releases because it was needed to support MapleSim 5, so it is a relatively small update. We will probably release another update in the coming months.

Maple 14.01 does not contain any new features, just incremental improvements/fixes to existing features. So no, we don't have any examples to illustrate new functionality.  For point releases, we generally provide the level of detail you saw with this one. Since point releases are highly unlikely to disrupt existing work while at the same time, provide a better experience because of the improvements,  I suspect most people barely glance at the details before going ahead and installing, as it is.

Are you concerned about possible effects on your Maplets for Calculus product? If so, feel free to give me the details over email and we'll figure something out.



We are always interested to see the different opinions our customers have on issues like the frequency of point releases, which as you can image, vary quite a bit.

As for Maple 14.01, yes, there is such a thing in progress. It will be out before the end of the year, and of course, we’ll let the Primes community know when it is available.



Just in case you weren't aware, we do have several Russian-language books in our books database, here.

Not the same as a fully translated product, but they may be of some help.


eithne (Maplesoft)

Hi Doug.

We have already sent out download links and purchase codes to all customers who are part of the extended maintenance program. For those who also get boxed product, they will be sent out over the next few days. How long it takes to get from whoever receives the software to the lab coordinators will depend on how things are set up at your school, of course. But they should have the download links and purchase codes by now.

We have made some progress in that direction over the years.

We do have products like TA and MapleSim, which are built on top of Maple. There are also packages and toolboxes for Maple geared towards particular application areas, such as control design (Dynamics Systems) and Finance, and there are collections of MapleSim components for particular types of engineering (such as modeling tires). There are also 3rd party products based on Maple that specialize in different areas, such as structural mechanics, and applications from the Application Center from a variety of engineering domains and other specialities.

The challenge, in part, is that is difficult for one company to be an expert in so many different fields. (And sometimes even two members of the same field will disagree about how things should be done, which makes it harder to design something that will suit everybody.) So part of our focus has been to supply the technology to support the underlying operations common to many different domains (e.g. math,plotting), and provide the tools to make it possible for the domain experts to create their own applications. We then provide ways to make it easy for that expert to share their work, such as the application center and the MapleConnect program for 3rd party products.

Having said that, we do continue to look for ways to make Maple more accessible to different professions. So you will continue to see more specialized packages, in various forms, as well developments in the core technologies and sharing methods.

eithne (Maplesoft)

I'm afraid you found some out-of-date content. It used to be that you needed to be a member in order to download applications from the Application Center. Those are the "thousands of Maple add-ons".

However, we've since dropped that restriction, and you no longer need to be a member to download that kind of content. Membership is still required  to download some "premium" content items, such as recorded webinars and some white papers. A membership also lets you submit applications to the Application Center, and it's easier to leave comments on applications if you are a member. And of course, you can use your Maplesoft membership to post to MaplePrimes.  New benefits will likely be introduced over time.

As for the Oracles, yes Maple can do those things already. But the oracles can be used by people who don't have Maple (if they have a Maplesoft membership!), plus they are accessible from anywhere, whereas you might not have Maple on every computer you are using. Sadly :-)

eithne (Maplesoft)



It should kick in shortly  - a few hours, probably.   There were a couple of internal reasons we couldn't switch it on immediately after 12.02 came out (including holiday schedules!) but it will be up and running very soon.

Eithne (Maplesoft)

Upon further investigation, it actually seems to affect a subset of the videos, though sporadically.  We're working on it.

In the meantime, try pausing the video, and then clicking on play again. That seems to help.

Eithne (Maplesoft)

It's both, BUT the version on the Vista page is only for use on Windows Vista. We are currently in final testing of the update installers for the other platforms. Once those are ready (soon), we will post the updates along with information about what has changed. Eithne Maplesoft
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