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Hi, all,

Is there a command to test whether two polynomials are equal to each other?

Or I have to write a procedure to do that?




Is there a way in Maple to compute a radical ideal?


For example, how to compute radical ideal of "a+b" with a,b in any field?


Thanks in advance.


Hi, all,

I am wondering whether Maple have the capacity to compute boolean operations containing variables. 

For example, I want to compute (a1*b0)xor(a0*b1), is there a way to do that. I know Maple has "Xor" command to compute the xor of two given numbers. Is there a way to do that over variables?


thanks a lot 


Now I am using a method that kept trying polynomial to check whether it is primitive. This method works fine for not very large Galois field. But for large one, like GF(2^1024) or GF(2^2048), it is pretty slow. Is there a way to quickly find ONE primitive polynomial in GF(2^1024) or GF(2^2048)? Just one, not too many. Thanks Gepo Method I am using: findprim := proc (n, deg) F := NULL; i := 0; while i
i want to get compute the extended Euclidean of two polynomials and now I am using gcdex, but it takes too much time for big polynomial. For example: alias(a=RootOf(1+z^31+z^23+z^11+z^7+z^2+z^32)); gcdex(x^32,x^32+(a^15+a^11+a^6)*x^31+(a^13+a^10+a^3)*x^23+(a^11+a^7+a^2+1)*x^11+x^7+a^13+a^10+a^3+a^1+1,1,x's','t'); Is there a better way to do this? Thanks Gepo
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