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Hi, all, Is there a way to compare two lists containing polynomials to check whether they are equal? Thanks Gepo
Hi, all, I have a list of polynomials and then I want to get polynomials which include given variables. How can I do this? For example, I have a list: L:=[a+b+c,x+ab+d^3,y+c]; and I am only interested in polynomials which include varaibles "a", "b", "c", which is "a+b+c". Which command can implement this? thanks Gepo
Hi, I have a set of equations and I want to express them into a list. L:=[]; for i from 1 to 2 do a[i]=b[i]+c[i]; L:=[op(L),'a[i]'=a[i]]; end do the result is: [a[i]=b[1]+c[1],a[i]=b[2]+c[2]]; But what I want is: [a[1]=b[1]+c[1],a[2]=b[2]+c[2]]; Is there any way to implement it? thanks Gepo
Hi, all When I read the contents read from a file, I found the order was different from that in file. For example, In file a.txt: a+b+c; d+f+g; b+c+d; d+e+g; m+g+a; a+m+f+1; After reading, I stored them in a list: L := [d+f+g, b+c+d, d+e+g, a+m+f+1, m+g+a, a+b+c]; The order is changed somehow. The procedure I am using here is: HandleGB :=proc(file) local line, T,L,f,cnt; f:=fopen(file,READ); try T:=table(); line:=readline(f); T[cnt]:=parse(line); for cnt do line:=readline(f); if line=0 then break; end if; T[cnt]:=parse(line); end do; finally
Hi, all, I want to know whether I get a row of a matrix. For example, I have a matrix: [ 1 0 0 1] [ 0 1 0 1] M=[ 1 0 1 0] [ 0 0 0 1] and I want to the first row [ 1 0 0 1], how to do this? thanks Gepo
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