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Hi, all, I have a question about how to compute inverse of matrix over field. Here field is actually GF(2)={0,1}. The description of MatrixInverse is here: LinearAlgebra[Generic][MatrixInverse] - compute the inverse of a square Matrix MatrixInverse[F](A) Parameters: F: the domain of computation, a field A: rectangular Matrix over values in F How to describe the F here? For example, how to illustrate {0,1} here? Thanks a lot.
Hi, all, I have a confusion when I made a newline in worksheet mode. Usually, when I hit "shift+enter", then a newline is got. However, I found that in worksheet mode, when I hit "shift+enter", there is a newline, but there is no arrow appearing at the beginning of the newline while other worksheet file (not mine) has such a arrow at the beginning of each new line. any idea? my maple is maple12. thanks
Hi,all I am trying to use readline in a worksheet file, but I find it cannot work. /************code*****************/ Handle :=proc(f) local line, L; L:=[]; line:=readline("s.txt"); while line <> 0 do L:=[op(L),line]; line:=readline("s.txt"); end do; L; end proc; /*************************************/ When I executed the procedure, it gave me an error message: Error, (in readline) file or directory does not exist. But "s.txt" does exist in the same folder. any idea? thanks
Hi, all, i have a question,can I call the function of Maple in my own c++/c application? I have my own program and i want to call a function of maple. Can I do that? Thanks
Hi, all, I know it can work over field, but I am not sure whether the groebner basis can be computed over ring in maple. Also i know singular can do the work.
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