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These are questions asked by gepo

Hi, all

I tried by:


> if a > 2 then print('yes') end if;
Error, cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 2 < RootOf(_Z^4+_Z+1)

Any ideas?


Thank you.

Hi, all,

 I checked all the information of Groebner Basis in maple, and I cannot find how to compute Groeber Basis over Galois Field, for example how to computer Groebner Basis over GF(2^4)?


Thank you.

Hi, all

I tried the command:



the result is 0!!!!!!!!!!!


I cannot believe it.

any ideas?


thank you.

HI, all,

I found a weird problem:

When I used the subsop separately, it work fine. But when it was put in a procedure, then it cannot work. So weird!

For example:




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